Gus Hansen Wins Another $692k - Up $1.24m In Two Days

Gus Hansen bagged his second big win in as many days yesterday as he won nearly $700k at the nosebleeds

It's not been the best of times online for Full Tilt Pro Gus Hansen, but the past two days have at least given his dwindling bankroll a bit of relief after his second big win in a row has put his two day profit up to $1.24m.

Yesterday, Hansen won $692k after winning over $1/2m at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables during some evening sessions. Hansen enjoyed big wins at four tables in sessions played from 5pm-midnight, including three six figure table wins of $104.1k, $150.9k, and $157.9k. The biggest TD losers yesterday were Alexonmoon and thecortster.

Hansen was also the day's biggest mixed games winner after a +$163.2k two hour evening session at $1500/$3000 table Vegan playing against Polarizing, Isildur1, and Osama_no_Brunch. In total, Hansen won $171.1k at the 8-Game tables yesterday. He also won $19k in some morning sessions of $200/$400 CAP PLO.

The only other six figure winner from yesterday's games was punting-peddler, who played against Hansen, Isildur1, FinddaGrind, Alexonmoon, and samrostan at the 8-Game tables yesterday morning on his way to a total win of $139.6k for the day.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Gus Hansen +$692k

punting-peddler +$139.6k

taktloss47 +$83.3k

timekpr +$75.4k

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