Carlooo13 Wins $139k at Heads-Up PLO

Carlooo13 was yesterday's only six figure winner after a successful bout of HU PLO vs no_Ola

For the second successive day the biggest action at the high stakes tables has taken place at Full Tilt's PLO tables and once again it was Carlooo13 involved in a heads-up four table match, although this time the opponent was no_Ola and the stakes were $50/$100.

Determined to make his mark at the HU PLO tables, Carlooo13 was back for more after his six hour ding-dong battle with Isildur1 on Monday at the $100/$200 tables. His opponent this time around was the equally tough Norwegian phenom, Ola "no_Ola" Amundsgaard.

Unlike the six hour epic with Isildur1 yesterday, there were no great swings in this match, with Carlooo13 leading from the very first hands played, and maintaining his advantage through the match.

The first hour was quite a slow affair, with Carlooo13 reaching a $60k profit within the first half an hour, only to be pegged back to under $30k with a little over an hour played.

During the last hour, Carlooo13 pulled away from his opponent, reaching a $140k profit after two hours of play. Despite a little resistance from no_Ola during the final 20 minutes, in which he took his total deficit close to just $100k, Carlooo13 rallied in the last couple of minutes to end the match up $139.2k.

There were no huge hands at all in the match, but Carlooo13 did take down all three of the biggest pots played:

Carlooo13 flops a big draw, turns even more draws, and rivers the nut straight to take this $40.6k pot

Carlooo13 is a little lucky to river the nut flush on both runs of the river after no_Ola had turned a set of Jacks - $39.4k pot

Carlooo13 check raises all-in on the turn with top pair and both a wrap and nut flush draw. As no_Ola's Q high flush draw is no good he is depending on his high wrap draw to complete. The river blanks and top pair plays, handing this $38.5k pot to Carlooo13.

There were no other big winners yesterday, with Educa-p0ker the next biggest winner after earning $72.1k at PokerStars $50/$100 PLO tables, mainly from a heads-up encounter with PimpyLimpy.

Yesterday's Biggest Winnners

Carlooo13 +$139.2k

Educa-p0ker +$72.1k

Donger Kim +$38.9k

timekpr +$29.7k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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