Denoking Wins $260k At NLHE

Denoking chalked up yet another victory over SanIker yesterday on his way to a $260k profit

Denoking continued his fine run of form with another big win against SanIker yesterday. The NLHE specialist took on his regular head-up rival over three deep tables of $200/$400 NLHE yesterday afternoon and walked away with a $260k profit.

The match started at a little past 1pm server time and ran for a total of 1hr 45 mins. SanIker never really got any sort of foothold in the match, going into the red from the outset, and only once getting close to even, and he only did this after taking down the biggest pot of the day:

SanIker flops a set of nines and is able to extract maximum value with bets on all streets - $176.4k pot

Other than this brief respite, however, the match belonged to Denoking, and he ended up winning at all three tables, including a $117k win at table Sele, where he also took down his biggest pot of the match:

Denoking flops trips 7's and turns 7's full of Queens on the turn. SanIker obviously had some kind of hand as he not only got into a mini-raising war on the flop but also called a river shove as he lost this $176.3k pot

Denoking also took down the third and final six figure pot of the match:

Denoking is in control of this pot all the way, flopping TPTK and eventually making the nut flush on the river. SanIker helps Denoking make a bigger profit by check-raising him on the river and allowing his opponent to add a little more value on his way to this $142.6k pot

The other big winner from yesterday's games also came from Full Tilt, where tyme2gamb0l111 made $112k playing Carlooo13 over three tables of $50/$100 PLO.

The match took place in the early evening and lasted a little under two hours, with tyme2gamb0l111 winning at all three tables. Around halfway through the match, the players were more or less even, but during the final 50 minutes, tyme2gamb0l111 ran away with the match.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Denoking +$260k

tyme2gamb0l111 +$108.3k

punting-peddler +$51.3k

Ziigmund +$32.1k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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