Sick action with Ram, Sbrugby and durrr

Alot of action on Full Tilt Poker the latest days, let's start with the session between Ram Vaswani and Brian Townsend (sbrugby). They played for about 120 minuts and Ram won about $100k:

Nice try by sbruby, but no way that Ram fold this hand, $112k pot

Ram Vaswani also played a very long session against OMGClayAiken and when it's was over he was up about $20k:

I guess Ram loved that river, also the allin by OMGClayAiken, $144k pot
One again Ram hits a full house, $150k pot
OMGClayAiken also hit some sweet rivers, $118k pot

Sbrugby vs durrrr

Yesterday we had some very nice action between these top online pro players. Both of the players has totally dominated Texas Hold'em No Limit so far this year. And yesterday they played against eachother is some heavy NL and PL sessions:

Sbrugby won about $250k from durrr under these sessions, but these guys will for sure face eachother again, and we will not be supprised if durrr wins the same amount next time.

Both player hits the three of a kind, kicker problems for durrrr, $178k pot
Allin preflop in omaha is always exciting, $85k pot

Results from 2007-03-22

Omaha PL: Click here
Texas NL: Click here




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