Dan Bilzerian: “I’ve won $50m in the Last Year Playing Poker”

Alain Barataud

Infamous millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian appeared on the Howard Stern Show earlier this week and in doing so shone the mainstream media spotlight straight in the eyes of the poker community. 

Having been introduced on the show as a “high stakes poker player” as well as his obvious tag as “Instagram legend”, Bilzerian went on to declare that his endeavours on the felt had netted him no less than $50m over the course of the last twelve months and that his biggest ever losing session totalled a mere $3.6m.  

Whether these claims will prove as true as his brash statement about Phil Ivey’s “empty” bank balance mere weeks before the people’s champ waltzed back into the live tournament scene and won over $3m at the Aussie Millions remains to be seen.  

Either way, his Instagram antics and luxurious lifestyle being associated with success playing poker can’t be too bad for the game.  


According to a recent report in The Sunday Morning Herald, poker pro Alain Barataud has been accused of swindling a family of Australian football fans out of $3,400 that they’d paid him for tickets to the 2014 World Cup.  

The victims were promised a set of VIP tickets for the World Cup final in Brazil, but after paying for flights and a hotel stay in Rio, the family discovered that their tickets were non-existent and were left stranded on the city’s streets.  

“I turned to my son and explained our worst fears had been realised...that Alain would not be turning up with our tickets...he wept”, said Sergio Silva, one of the three victims. “My father was with us. He cried also. All our dreams – broken.” 

Barataud claims on his Facebook pages to be a “professional footballer” living on Australia who travels the international circuit playing poker, but the Sydney based family man has a dark secret. 

Using a fake identity as a FIFA hospitality agent as well as counterfeit invoices, Barataud has been able to gain the trust of numerous football fans and organisations for almost a decade.  

In fact, his exploits in 2014 are relatively minor in comparison to the $250,000 that he’s been accused of scamming out of football fans during the editions of football’s biggest tournament in 2006 and 2010.


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