The Poker Brat Baby, Hungarian Wins MicroMillions Main Event

Hungarian turns $22 into $100,668.

Phil Hellmuth is known to act like a baby sometimes when playing poker, but now he decided to dress like a baby for a Poker Night In America episode.

Poker Night In America is a new poker television show that airs every Sunday on CBS Sports Network.

In the new episode poker fans can see The Poker Brat dressed as an adult baby.

So, here is the picture:

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Hungarian Wins MicroMillions Main Event

Eight edition of the PokerStars' MicroMillions finished yesterday after '69FABIAN69' from Hungary took down the Main Event for over $100,000.

A total of 57,886 players paid the $22 buy-in to play the final event and the $1m guaranteed prizepool was exceeded by over $157,000.

It came down eventually between "RoxyDeluxe" from Austria and "69FABIAN69" from Hungary for the title. In the final hand of the tournament RoxyDeluxe's Q♣8♣ lost to 69FABIAN69's A♥5♦.

MicroMillions-098: $22 NL Hold'em Main Event results:

Entrants: 57,886
Total prize pool: $1,157,720.00
Places paid: 8,541

1. 69FABIAN69 (Hungary) $100,668.11*
2. RoxyDeluxe (Austria) $85,216.01*
3. dilimAA (Brazil) $57,619.72
4. smokinjenny (Canada) $42,233.62
5. sangfugl (Norway) $30,957.43
6. Skomi11 (Serbia) $22,702.88
7. stelsn (Russia) $16,636.43
8. berge64 (Russia) $12,202.36
9. hotumatua77 (Austria) $8,937.59

*= reflects the result of a heads-up deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner


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