samrostan & Full Tilt Pro's Get Back On Track

samrostan was yesterday's biggest winner after a strong showing in the $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw games last night

After a few miserable days, samrostan, Gus Hansen, and Isildur1 were all among the big winners from yesterdays nosebleed games at Full Tilt.

The day's biggest winner was samrostan, who ended the day with a $356.7k profit.

Despite playing for eight hours yesterday morning at the 8-Game tables, it was an evening session at the 2-7 TD tables which brought samrostan the success he's been denied over the past couple of days.

The morning session was pretty much a breakeven affair for the Macau based pro, but the TD sessions were fare more profitable. samrostan played at two tables from early evening through to midnight, playing at the $2k/$4k limits against Follow The Hawk, thecortster, RMFG, Trueteller, and SanIker. He won $279.3k and $90.9k at the tables, to end the day with his $356.7k profit.

The next biggest winner was Isildur1, who has also been on a poor run of late. He was able to reverse that trend yesterday by winning $196.6k after five hours of play in the 8-Game, taking most of his money during the early morning session, with a little more coming his was during an early afternoon bout at table Khan.

Carlooo13 also fared well in the 8-Game, winning $176.2k from 3.25 hours play yesterday morning.

After a terrible couple of days, Gus Hansen was also back to winning ways yesterday, plugging away at the 8-Game tables for 13 hours to secure a $166.9k score.

The final big winner from yesterday's games was NLHE specialist, Denoking, who triumphed over timekpr after a 5.5hr three table session of $50/$100 to end the day up $108.5k in total.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

samrostan +$356.7k

Isildur1 +$196.6k

Carlooo13 +$176.2k

Gus Hansen +$166.9k

For all yesterday's results go to the results page, or for current action check out our live results section.


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