Daniel Negreanu Confident He Can Beat $25/$50 Online - Offers $1 Million Bet

We all know Daniel Negreanu is one of the best live poker players in the world, but he doesn't play online that much, at least the big cash games.

However, that could change soon if someone is ready to call Negreanu's recent bet. In a Twitter debate with one of his followers, the Canadian claimed he had "zero doubt [he'd] be a winning player" if he competed in some of the toughest online cash games.

Negreanu says he is willing to bet a million dollars, that he can be a winning player after two weeks of practicing and analysing numbers from his $25/$50 games on PokerStars.

One player who might be calling KidPoker's bet, is recent One Drop winner Daniel Colman, as you can see from his response on Twitter:

Let's hope Daniel will get a chance to prove his point soon.


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