Hansen Wins Again - Up Over Half a Million in Two Days

Gus Hansen was back on top yesterday after more success at the mixed games

The swingometer has been working overtime since Gus Hansen's return to highstakes online poker two weeks ago, and after yesterday's $275.7k win his is now back in profit since his return, showing a total profit of $150k.

Hansen came back with a bang a couple of weeks ago, winning over $700k in his first few days back at the tables, before suffering a brutal three day, $1.4m downswing. In the last week, however, he has won over $800k to put his summer back in the black.

Yesterday's winnings came primarily from the 8-Game which ran from mid-morning through to late afternoon, featuring the likes of Hansen, PostflopAction, Alexonmoon, and punting-peddler.

Other than punting-peddler, who won a (comparatively) measley $3,100 Hansen was the only winner from the games, carving out his profits mainly from two late afternoon sessions of $105k, and $96.2k.

Hansen also won the day's biggest pot, taken from his $105k winning session at table Hudson:

PostflopAction's flopped two pair are bested by Hansen's turned two pair in this $120k pot

Hansen also enjoyed smaller wins at the 8-Game during the morning/lunchtime sessions, along with a small Triple Draw win, and a $21k win playing in the morning's $200/$400 CAP PLO session.

There were no other big winners yesterday, although it looks like there might be one today, as Dan "jungleman12" Cates is currently close to $400k up in the mixed games. We'll have more on that tomorrow.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Gus Hansen +$275.7k

SanIker +$47.8k

AckmaJin +$30k

Naysor +$25.5k

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