Noah Boeken Accuses Jungleman of “Using Hitmen” to Collect Debts

Politano sporting the 888 patch

Dan ‘jungleman12’ Cates is no stranger to controversy or spats in the chat box during intense nosebleed battles online, so it comes as no real surprise that he’s been involved in another session of virtual handbags, this time with Noah ‘Exclusive’ Boeken.

The “discussion” between the two top pros arose during a high stakes heads-up match on PokerStars and appeared to be sparked by Cates accusing Boeken of cheating – having Patrik Antonius play on his account against Cates – which clearly got under the Dutchman’s skin:

Exclusive: "whenever u lose u just think people cheat"

Exclusive: "haha"

w00ki3z.: "you admitted patrik played"

Exclusive: "u played so fckin bad that day my sister woulda beat u"

Exclusive: "patrik has his own account"

Exclusive: "r u fcked"

Exclusive: "u think i need people to use my account"

Exclusive: "pathetic"


However, that was far from the end of the matter, and Boeken was soon firing a silver bullet of his own by claiming that Cates had used a hitman to collect an unpaid debt from a mystery opponent:


w00ki3z: "you can go **** yourself"

Exclusive: "ya"

Exclusive: "just dont sent me a hitman for christmas"

w00ki3z: "youre making it tempting"

Exclusive: "guy wasnt even alone"

Exclusive: "his whole family there"

Exclusive: "ur sick"

w00ki3z: "oh that?"

w00ki3z: "i dont know anything about that guy"

Quite what Boeken was hinting at remains unknown, but judging by the response his poke the bear antics received, there is at least some speculation regarding the cleanliness of the Jungleman’s collection methods. 

Speculation is all it is at present, but we will bring you any more details on the story as/if they emerge.


In what’s been nothing short of a torrid week for sponsored poker professionals after the sacking of three Latin American PokerStars ambassadors and half of the Ultimate Poker team, Brazilian November Niner Bruno Politano has swam against the current by signing with 888poker.

“I’m honoured to announce that I’m now part of the #team888 Brazil. @nicolauvl and @brunokawauti we are now Brazilians family #888poker”, said Politano via his Twitter account.

Despite being the shortest stack heading into the WSOP Main Event final table, Politano is renowned for his boisterously passionate rail. So, with an even larger and louder following all but guaranteed in a few months, all the attention he’ll be generating in front of the ESPN cameras will surely do the 888 brand no harm.


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