Big Weekend Wins for Denoking, Gus Hansen, and FinddaGrind

Gus Hansen was one of the weekends big winners, with almost $400k profit from the 8-Game and 2-7 TD tables

It was a good weekend at the highstakes tables for NLHE specialist Denoking, and veteran highstakes star and Full Tilt Pro, Gus Hansen.

All of Denoking's $392.6k profit came from another heads-up session of NLHE against JaeggerJack played on Saturday afternoon.

The pair played at three $100/$200 tables in two sessions, lasted a combined 4.5 hours. Denoking dominated both sessions, winning around $150k in the first session and close to $250k. Denoking had two six figure table scores from the match, both at table Race where he won $100.9k in the first session, and $146k during the second. He also won the biggest pot of the match:

Denoking traps JaeggerJack into making a large river bet after making top full house - $118.6k pot

Gus Hansen also had a +$300k day Saturday after a busy morning at the 8-Game and 2-7 Triple Draw tables, splitting his $308k profit almost equally between the two disciplines.

Hansen also bagged a win on Sunday, although this was by no means a simple victory. After winning just over $150k in the morning games, and a further $75k at the start of the afternoon 8-Game sessions, Hansen hit a huge downswing, losing over $620k between mid-afternoon and late evening. However, The Great Dane put together some bug wins during the final 2-7 Triple Draw sessions of the day, hitting a $700k upswing playing against Follow The Hawk, SanIker, Trueteller, samrostan, and OMGClayAiken,  to end the day up $80k, putting him up close to $390k for the weekend.

The day's biggest winner yesterday was Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius, who took $165.7k at the 8-Game tables, mostly from a $151.7k haul from a two hour late afternoon session at table Khan. FinddaGrind has had a good return to the online tables, having been away since May. He joined Denoking and Hansen as a +$300k weekend winner, earning a combined $324.8k after a $157.3k win on Saturday.

The other six figure winner yesterday was taktloss47, whose $144.5k win at the evening's 2-7 TD games puts him up $712k over the last seven days.

Weekend's Biggest Winners

Denoking +$392.6k

Gus Hansen +$388.5k

FinddaGrind +$324.8k

Alexonmoon +$265.9k

For all the weekends winners go to this results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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