durrrr wins $265k on PLO $200/400 after a big loss on HA

durrrr played a rough session against Ziigmund on the $300/600 HA tables yesterday and the railbirds we spoked to thought he had lost about $250-300k in total.

However, durrrr still made a good profit on the PLO $200/400 tables where he managed to win $265k so this pretty much repaired his earlier loss against Ziigmund.

Here is the largest hands with durrrr from yesterdays sessions:

 durrrr hits a perfect flop and wins a nice hand against present, $79k pot
 durrrr wins a funny hand against David Benyamine, $61k pot

It was alot of other players who did well yesterday also, tsarrast, trex313, Cole South, SteveSung and halfdozen999 won around $100k, the player who faced the largest loss was Eric Liu, down about -$350k

 Results from yesterdays PLO action

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