Doug Polk Mistaken for Terrorist in Banking Error, Poker770 Re-Brands to NetBet Poker

Poker770 is no more!

Earlier this week, Doug ‘WCGRider’ Polk was the unfortunate victim of what can only be described as a case of mistaken identity, after the Bank of America incorrectly froze his bank accounts in conjunction with the financial provisions in place to help prevent money laundering and terrorism in online poker.

The fear has been that in theory, online poker’s highest stakes could be utilised by terrorist organisations to launder huge sums of money undetected.

US banks are therefore obliged to monitor the monetary activity of the virtual felt’s highest rollers, and when Polk tried to change his more anonymous “WCGRider” screen name to just “Doug Polk”, a security alarm of some kind in the Bank of America system must have been raised.

Polk was not at all amused, however, and took to Twitter to express his frustration:

Despite legitimately paying taxes, playing by all the rules, and banking at the bank of America for 6 years they have shut down every account I have other than my checking account.”

Today I received notification that my remaining account has suffered a loss of services, and all money has been frozen.”

“I can’t believe how horrible my interactions with @BofA Community have been, and this is the icing on the cake.”

Polk’s ‘WCGRider’ account will surely boast a record of exchanging millions of dollars with opponents with bank accounts located all over the globe, which will have been a major factor in the contextually random arousal of suspicion.


Top tier iPoker skin Poker770 joined forces with NetBet Poker earlier this month in a move aimed at providing its customers with additional casino and sports betting offerings, while simultaneously maintaining its popular poker offerings.

In a process that began on September 3rd, Poker770 players kept the same usernames, active bonuses and loyalty points, as well as the ability to play against the same pool of opponents on iPoker’s other top tier skins, once their accounts were successfully migrated to NetBet Poker.

The migration of players was officially completed earlier this week, which triggered an official send off for Poker770:

NetBetPoker: “Goodbye @Poker770, hello @netbetpoker! Same team under a different name. #firsttweet”


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