Marathon sessions on $200/400 PLO with a $428k pot

Last night until early this morning we had some sick action going on at the Omaha PL $200/400 tables on Full Tilt Poker. The average potsize on some tables was as high as $25k and we had alot of players with very deep stacks.

For example, both durrrr and ICallSoWhat was sitting in with about $800-900k spread on 5 different tables, and when these sessions was over they had only won about +$150k, with other words, the swings was very huge.

Urindanger joined the tables pretty late and totally dominated and since he started most of his session after midnight his result will be on the next day, but to show the correct results from these marathon we have included a top 5 winners/losers for both the session from yesterday and also the sessions who started early this morning.

 Winners             Losers  
David Benyamine
Brian Hastings
  Markus Golser
lady marelade

Here is just some of the largest hands from all these tables, including the monster pot with durrrr:

 durrrr hits the second largest hand on Full Tilt Poker, $428k pot

 David Benyamine wins a nice hand against durrrr, both players flopped the flush, $158k pot
 ICallSoWhat wins a huge hand with a very good draw, some dead outs though, $300k pot
 ICallSoWhat hits the nut flush on turn and wins a nice hand, $203k pot 
 Urindanger hits a top set against Marcus Golser, $112k pot
 Urindanger is allin preflop with double suite, $102k pot
 durrrr hits a lucky river against Marcus Golser in a big hand, $212k pot

We was very very close to a $500k pot yesterday so let's hope we will see more deep stacked tables like this in the future.

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