Another exciting day on the Omaha PL $200/400 tables

Cole South continued with some great action on the PLO tables yesterday and won about $350-400k on the sessions we monitored. Some other players who did well yesterday was SteveSung, ICallSoWhat and a new player named IAmSoSo.

Here is the largest hands from yesterdays sessions:

 Cole South hits a very good draw against Ziigmund, and, not so much to say about the river, $173k pot
 Cole South wins a big hand with a pair of aces, $168k pot
 SteveSung hits a lucky river against durrrr, $103k pot
 ICallSoWhat wins a nice hand against David Benyamine, $82k pot
 IamSoSO managed to win a hand against Cole, $83k pot

Let's hope next month will continue like this one, then we have alot of sick sessions to look forward to.

 Complete results from Yesterdays Omaha PL

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