Felix Stephensen to be taxed 50% on $5m WSOP Winnings

Behind bars: Mary Morgan

This year’s WSOP Main Event runner-up Felix Stephensen has allegedly been ordered to give up slightly more than half of his massive $5,147,911 score to the Norwegian government, even though he currently resides in London (where no tax is charged on winnings from gambling).

Stephensen has been living in the British capital for around two years, but that doesn’t protect him from the Norwegian tax man, who – despite the average tax charge being only 27% in Norway – wants 50.4% (just shy of $2.6m) of his winnings.

The reason he’s being asked for such a sizeable chunk is that he’s considered self-employed as a poker player, which triggers an additional surcharge. However, Stephensen will be granted deductions for expenses, which could allow him to claw some of that $2.6m back into his own pockets.

Interestingly, this year’s champion Martin Jacobson also resides in London having originated from Sweden, and would be due something in the region of 50% himself if he still lived there. As of yet though, there has been no news on whether Jacobson will be forking out $5m of his own $10m score.


Great-Grandma Gambler

In some other, frankly more bizarre news, a 90-year-old woman – along with 15 of her punters - has been arrested for hosting an illegal poker home game in Georgia, USA. 

Mary Morgan became the oldest ever person to be put behind bars at Dougherty County Jail when police raided her home and found  that – on top of her heavily frowned upon small stakes poker game - she had also been selling alcohol and tobacco illegally.

Over $4,000 was seized in cash from the property, and police reportedly also hauled in her lawn mower because she was “keeping a disorderly house”. Make sense out of that one!

The other 15 were arrested and charged with “gambling”, as obviously playing live, real money poker is illegal in Georgia. You can still get your weekly lottery tickets though!


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