The Biggest Online High Stakes Poker Winners of 2014

Mikael "punting-peddler Thuritz was the year's biggest mixed game winner, taking over $2.5m from Full Tilts highstakes tables
Doug "WCGRider" Polk backed up his bragging with a seven figure win at Full Tilt's NLHE tables in 2014
Dan Cates features twice on the top 20 winners list with over $3.4m in total online highstakes winnings in 2014

With 2014 done and dusted, let's take a look back over the results of the twelve +$1m winners from the highstakes games from last year, all of whom made their seven figure scores at the highstakes tables of Full Tilt Poker.

Several of 2014's biggest winners are "opted-out" players, and as such we will not divulge their identities, however, we will publish all the biggest winners totals, while respecting those who have opted-out by not assigning their screen name or linking any of their specific match details.

1. (Opted-Out) $3,387,548 - winrate $44 per hand

Although we cannot go into too many details on the biggest winner from 2014, we can say that all of their winnings came from the 2-7 Triple Draw games (we're not giving too much away here as several of the biggest winners made most if not all of their profit at this increasingly popular discipline). The year's biggest winner played just under 77,000 hands in 2014 at Full Tilt, giving them a winrate of $44 per played hand. In fact, the person behind the Full Tilt account also won $398,746 over at PokerStars, so in fact ended 2014 with a $3,786,294 profit.

2. (Opted-Out) $3,343,083 - winrate $58 per hand

Second on the list is one of online pokers most consistent winners over the past few years, and as with the year's biggest winner, also made all of their profit at one discipline, in this case PLO where they played 42,991 of their 56,755 hands - giving them a winrate of a little over $58 per hand. As the player is opted out, this is as much information as we can share with you, other than to note than despite being the biggest PLO winner at Full Tilit by a country mile, their overall highstakes winnings across both sites totalled $2,940,736 after a poor run at PokerStars.

3. jungleman12 +$2,805,751 - winrate $31 per hand

The first player on our list not opted-out is the irrepressible Daniel "jungleman12" Cates who proved yet again that he is one of the very best poker players on earth. A true all-rounder, the jungleman was among the year's biggest winners in every game he played in 2014, NLHE, PLO, 2-7 Triple Draw, and 8-Game. In fact, with his winnings as "w00ki3z.", his PokerStars moniker, where he won $631,288, Cates won a total of $3,437,039 making him, in reality, the 2nd biggest winner of the year.

4. punting-peddler +$2,572,989 - winrate $43 per hand

Mikael "punting-peddler" Thuritz is widely regarded as one of the world's best mixed game players, both live and online, being a regular player in the mega highstakes live games in Macau. It would appear Thuritz reputation as a feared mixed game player is on the money as he won 98% of his total profit from Full Tilt's 8-Game tables where he played a total of 59.239 hands.

5. (Opted-Out) +$2,012,703

Another Triple Draw specialist is in at number 5 on our list of 2014's biggest winners. Once again this player has chosen to opt out, so we cannot reveal their identity, but can tell you that 99% of their winnings came from the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Although $2m is a fantastic amount to win in a calendar year, this particular player might see 2014 as a missed opportunity, considering they were up $4m at the end of July.

6. FinddaGrind +$1,683,538 - winrate $40 per hand

It wouldn't be a list of biggest winners without the almost inevitable inclusion of  arguably the biggest online winner in history, Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius. Antonius is the one player who has adapted to everything highstakes poker has thrown at him, he has been dominant both online and live for years and is a master of many disclipines. Antonius lost a little at FLO8, won a little at 2-7 Triple Draw - but his profit really boils down to a good year at the 8-Game tables where he played 83% of his 42,850 hands in 2014.

7. luvtheWNBA +$1,541,060 - winrate $74 per hand

Ike "luvtheWNBA" Haxton is renowned as one of the best NLHE players in the world, and was one of only three seven figure winners at highstakes NLHE this year. Haxton has recently started to get more action at the PLO tables where he has proven he is also world class, ending the year as Full Tilt's 4th biggest highstakes winner, taking over $500k - over half of which he won from Viktor "Isildur1" Blom during the last month of the year. Not yet especially well versed at highstakes in games other than big-bet, if and when Haxton turns his hands to the limit and mixed games, only a fool would bet against him quickly establishing himself among the elite. luvtheWNBA also has the highest winrate of any player in our 2014 millionaire's list, earning himself $74 for every one of the 20,798 hands he played at Full Tilt in 2014.

8. (Opted-Out) +$1,429,226 - winrate $36 per hand

Eigth on our list is another of the big 2-7 Triple Draw winners. As an opted-out player we cannot reveal their identity, but this player is among the very biggest Draw winners in online history, and this year made 85% of their profit at the highest TD limits. The remainder was won at the Limit Hold'em tables.

9. (Opted-Out) +$1,426,365 - winrate $17 per hand

Another opted-out player sits 9th on our list of seven figure winners, and with over 85k hands played in 2014, was the most active of all twelve on our list. All of this player's action took place at the NLHE tables where, of course, they were the biggest winner of the year.

10. (Opted-Out) +$1,322,424 - winrate $18 per hand

Yet another opted-out player was 2014's tenth biggest winner. This player of course ended the year with a great profit, but it could have been so much better as heading into the final 25% of the year they were up close to $3.5m, topping the yearly leaderboard through much of September with well over $1.5m in winnings at both the Triple Draw and 8-Game tables. However, a bad run out to the end of the year knocked them back considerably with all of the Triple Draw winnings lost and some poor results at the FLO8 tables. Still, with their winnings over at PokerStars, this players total winnings for 2014 topped $1.7m, which is certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

11. (Opted-Out) +$1,235,439 - winrate $16 per hand

Yet another opted-out player on our list made all of their profit at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables. In fact, they won a touch over $2m at the TD tables last year, making up for considerable six-figure losses at the NLHE, PLO, and 8-Game tables.

12. WCGRider +$1,077,969 - winrate $32 per hand

No Limit Hold'em supremo Doug "WCGRider" Polk is the last million dollar winner from 2014's highstakes online poker tables, and it will come as no surprise to anyone that he made 99.7% of his profit in his favourite game. Doug did chance his arm at PLO this year, with mixed results, but it is heads-up NLHE at which he excels. With only 33.5k hands played, there is little doubt that WCGRider would have been higher up the list had there been more opponents willing to take him on at NL, as it was he spent a lot of time waiting for action. Perhaps in 2015 WCG will expand his highstakes horizons beyond the big bet games?


Top 20 Highstakes Winners 2014

  Player Total Winnings Poker Site
1 (Opted-Out) $3,387,548 Full Tilt
2 (Opted-Out) $3,303,181 Full Tilt
3 jungleman12 $2,805,751 Full Tilt
4 punting-peddler $2,572,989 Full Tilt
5 (Opted-Out) $2,012,703 Full Tilt
6 FinddaGrind $1,683,538 Full Tilt
7 luvtheWNBA $1,541,060 Full Tilt
8 (Opted-Out) $1,429,226 Full Tilt
9 (Opted-Out) $1,426,365 Full Tilt
10 (Opted-Out) $1,322,424 Full Tilt
11 (Opted-Out) $1,235,439 Full Tilt
12 WCGRider $1,077,969 Full Tilt
13 EireAbu $838,358 PokerStars
14 SanIker $816,856 Full Tilt
15 (Opted-Out) $733,174 PokerStars
16 (Opted-Out) $704,889 PokerStars
17 Tight-Man1 $675,651 Full Tilt
18 (Opted-Out) $666,660 Full Tilt
19 (Opted-Out) $645,128 Full Tilt
20 w00ki3z. $631,288 PokerStars



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