Co-founder of Seals with Clubs had armed police raid his home

Splashing out: Vice Media CEO Shane Smith spent $20K per bottle of wine

Bryan Micon, one of the founders of recently shut down bitcoin poker room “Seals with Clubs”, has published a short video via YouTube informing the community about an armed police raid conducted on his home earlier in the month.

On February 11th, Micon claims that “a bunch of guys with guns” broke down his door, serving a warrant from the Nevada Gaming Commission regarding Seals with Clubs and bitcoin poker.

He was handcuffed and escorted outside wearing only his underwear, but has not been arrested or charged with any crime. The only action police chose to take was confiscating his technology.

Micon goes on to state that there was a mysterious irregularity on a Seals with Clubs server tracked to Romania around the same time as the raid, and that though he is not sure of the technical specifics behind the issue, that their servers were “completely safe” and had “fended off” hacking attempts in the past.

Despite the rest of the Seals with Clubs management team deciding they’d had enough of bitcoin poker after this incident, Micon isn’t giving up. And we can expect to see his new bitcoin poker brand “SWCPoker” up and running in the not so distant future.

Check out the full video here.


CEO wins $1m in Vegas, spends $300K on steak dinner

Shane Smith, CEO of Vice Media, allegedly won over $1m during a heater at the blackjack tables at the Bellagio earlier in the month, and then opted to spend nearly half of his winnings on a single steak dinner at the casino’s restaurant.

It’s been reported that Smith, who has an estimated net worth of roughly $400m, was parting with as much as $20,000 per bottle of wine during the meal. He had been in Las Vegas with his management team to attend the Consumer Electronics Show.

“I haven’t seen a cheque like that since 2007”, said astonished MGM – which owns Bellagio – CEO Jim Murren. “It’s a sign people are willing to spend money again.”


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