TerrorOfSweden is back in business, +$255k against durrrr

It was quite long since we monitored TerrorOfSweden in some big action but yesterday he played a huge $200/400 PLO Heads up session against durrrr. They played for about 1 hour and TerrorOfSweden left the table with a $255k profit. He also won about $20k in a Texas NL session against trex313:

 TerrorOfSweden flopped two pair with a flush draw, $150k pot
 TerrorOfSwden hits another perfect flop and wins a huge hand against durrrr, $192k pot

durrrr was pretty upset after the match because he felt that TerrorOfSweden was hit and running but TerrorOfSweden said he was sorry and that he had to go. Hopefully we will see a rematch between these guys in the future.

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