Phil Ivey Yesterday's Biggest Winner With an $89k Score

Phil Ivey bagged a couple of decent wins at Full Tilt and PokerStars yesterday and was the biggest highstakes winner online as a result

The action has been consistent yet relatively small over the last few days at the nosebleeds, and that trend continued yesterday, with Phil Ivey ending as the day's biggest winner after medium-sized five-figure wins at both Full Tilt and PokerStars.

He topped the daily leaderboard playing as "Polarizing" at Full Tilt. Winning a total of $52.9k. His profit came from a $61.4k winning session of $1k/$2k 2-7 Triple Draw at table Ash Meadow, where he faced off against German pros SanIker and Kagome Kagome for a little under two hours around breakfast time. His total profit at Full Tilt was cut slightly after a small ($8.5k) loss later in the afternoon to SanIker.

Over at PokerStars, Ivey, playing as "RaiseOnce" againt made a half-century score at a $1k/$2k 2-7 Triple Draw tables, this time playing at a 6-max tables against Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn, Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion, donthnrmepls, and Seb "taktloss47" Ruthenberg. Ivey won $51.9k from the late night session in the 78 minutes he played. When added to the $16k loss he'd suffered in the early hours of yesterday morning, he ended his day at Stars with a $35.9k win, giving him a total haul for the day of $88.8k.

Second on yesterday's high stakes leaderboard was tahi0009, who won $51k at PokerStars $50/$100 NLHE tables, almost all from playing heads-up against Randy "nanonoko" Lew. The pair played a late night session, where tahi0009 actually won $70k in total from Lew, although their second session started after midnight server time, so will be included in tomorrow's results.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Polarizing +$52.9k

tahi0009 +$51k

KRab42 +$48.8k

donthnrmepls +$46.7k

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