Donger Kim Puts Big Beat on Mikael "ChaoRen160" Thuritz at NLHE

Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky had another good day yesterday, taking his overall winning between FT and Stars over $1.3m for the year

It's been a while since the biggest winner of the day came from the NLHE tables, but yesterday saw Donger Kim put a +$200k beating on Swedish pro Mikael "ChaoRen160" Thuritz at PokerStars $100/$200 NLHE tables.

The pair played for five hours yesterday afternoon, and apart from 1 hand at $50/$100, all over their +1200 hands were played at the $100/$200 tables.

The first two hours were fairly even, with ChaoRen160 holding a small lead before Donger Kim evened the score after 2.5 hours. After this, the next 2.5 hours belonged to the American as he went on a +$200k upswing, ending the confrontation (and his day) with a $206.9k profit.

The biggest pots of the day came from PokerStars six-max $200/$400 PLO tables, where games ran all afternoon. The biggest winner from the games was Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky, who won just short of $170k from the PLO tables and also took down the day's biggest pot:

After Sauce123 3-bets pre-flop a total of three players see the first three community cards. the 5 5 A flop is a dream for Sauce123 who has AA** in the hole for top full house. He bets every street and gets a caller in a M.O.P before dragging this $147.5k pot

Around $150k of Sauce's profit came from a six hour session at table Monachia where he played against the likes of Odd_Oddsen, M.O.P, natalie724, nimzon, n0d1eb4by, and WRUUUUM. He won c.$20k from another 90 minutes PLO session, but lost $3k in a brief encounter at the $200/$400 mixed game tables for a total profit for the day of $166.7k.

The day's other six-figure winner also made their money at table Monachia. In total, natalie724 won $135.9k from this table, although losses at other PLO tables made their total daily profit a still highly respectable $102.4k. natalie724 also took down two of the day's other six-figure pots:

Once again Sauce123 three-bets preflop and gets two callers. This time, however, he gets out of the way as WRUUUUM leads out with a pot-sized flop bet, although natalie724 raises his opponent all in and flips over AA37, well ahead of his opponent's KKA9. A 3 on the turn all but seals the deal for natalie724 and the blank river send this $115.3k pot their way

It's difficult to tell if natalie724 got lucky here as we don't see M.O.P.'s cards at showdown, it's very possible, however, that it was a fortunate river card as the 9 on the river made natalie724 a full house to take this $101.2k pot after all the money went in on the 10d 10c 3d flop.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

Donger Kim +$206.9k

Sauce123 +$166.7k

natalie724 +$102.4k

Trueteller +$96.3k

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action see our live results section.


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