Huge action on the Omaha PL $200/400 tables yesterday

We had alot of great action on the Omaha PL tables yesterday and at one point we had upto 10 active $200/400 tables. The players who won most on these sessions was Gus Hansen, Ziigmund and Rob Hollink.

Here are some of the largest hands:

 Ziigmund wins a very nice hand against durrrr, $155k pot
 Gus Hansen hits a perfect flop against Urindanger, $69k pot
 Rob Hollink busted durrrr with his flopped two pair, $80k pot

Ziigmund won the largest hand yesterday so don't forget to vote in the "High Stakes Corner", and if you not have noticed it yet we have a new great function who monitor the action live from all tables we are monitoring.

 Yesterdays Omaha PL results

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