Phil Ivey's Five Biggest Pots

Re-live Phil Ivey's biggest online pots from the biggest games ever played online

It probably won't come as much of a surprise to those of you who've been following the nosbleeds for the past few years that Phil Ivey has been involved in some of the biggest pots ever seen online. It'll also be no surprise four of these pots were played against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom at the end of 2009.

5. $634,907, 21st November 2009 vs Isildur1, $500/$1000 PLO

This is the first of three pots on this list which came from the 21st November 2009 - one of the more epic days in online nosebleed poker history. On this day Patrik Antonius won $2.1m and Phil Ivey $1.2m, both from Isildur1. Isildur1's daily loss was only tempered somewhat from an earlier +$800k win over Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

With over $1m on the table already when this pot took place, Isildur1 bets out a near pot-sized bet on an Ac Js 2s flop. Ivey, who had flopped top two pair, opts to just flat call. On the 9c turn Isildur1 bets strong again, putting $42k into the burgeoning pot. This time Ivey raises to $174k and gets a call. When the 3d hits the river, Isildur1 slows down, checking his option. Ivey jams his last $119k and is called by Isildur1 who is getting good odds to call, especially when there is a chance Ivey could have been bluffing the river after potetially missing one of several draws. Top two is good, however, and Ivey ships the monster pot.

See the hand in full here

4. $687,024, 26th October 2008 vs John Juanda, $500/$1000 NLHE

This pot comes from the heady "Guy Laliberte" games from late 2008, when the best in ths business clamoured to grab a slice of the billionaire entrepreneurs pocket-money. Although he is at the table, "elmariachimacho" is barely involved in this hand which ends up heads-up between Ivey and John Juanda.

After Juanda raises from the button, Ivey three bets from the big blind before Juanda 4-bets to $54k. With $112k already in the pot as the Ac 5s 10s falls there are destined to be fireworks as both players flop well. Ivey flop middle set while Juanda - who had made a very loose 4-bet with Ks 8s flops the second nut-flush draw. Ivey checks back to trap and Juanda obliges by betting pot, prompting Ivey to jam his last $287k. Juanda calls and as no spade appears on the turn or river, Ivey scoops the pot.

See the hand in full here

3. $696,979, 23rd November 2009 vs Isildur1, $500/$1000 PLO

Soon after Ivey's $1.2m win over Isildur1 they were back at the biggest PLO tables online. There isn't really too much to be said about this hand with close to $500k going in pre-flop an all-in situation was always on the cards. When Ivey 5-bets to $243k it's a reasonable assumption he has Aces, and on an A 4 9 rainbow flop Isildur1 is likely buried. However, with odds of 6:1 to call, combined with the fact he'd already committed $243k to the pot, Isildur1 is pretty much duty bound to call off his last $104k. Ivey indeed has AAxx and is over a 94% favourite to take the pot when the money goes in and inevitably he scoops this near $700k pot

See the hand in full here

2. $743,932, 21st November 2009 vs Isildur1, $500/$1000 PLO

Back to the 21st November 2009 and a bit of a cooler here for Isildur1 who flops bottom set. After calling Ivey's flop bet Isildur1 makes his move on the Qc turn, raising Ivey's $40k bet to $166k. All the money goes in, only for Isildur1 to see that Ivey had made a bigger set on the turn to take the pot.

See the hand in full here

1. $832,940, 21st November 2009 vs Isildur1, $500/$1000 PLO

Ivey's biggest ever online pot also came from the 21st November game against Isildur1. Isildur1 4-bets pre-flop with position and a hand that will hit a set on the flop almost one time out of four, and Ivey is happy to play with a good, double suited hand. When the flop comes down with a set for Isildur1 and the second nut flush draw and a gut shot straight draw for Ivey, the money is destined to go in, particularly given the size of the pot after the preflop action. Ivey goes for a check raise just to try to force Isildur1 out of the hand, but with what was essentially the nuts at this point (Ivey is very unlikely to have aces since he didn’t 5-bet pre flop), Isildur was happy to move in.

When the money goes in Isildur1 is a 60:40 favourite, and when the Jd hits the turn his odds improve to 75:25. However, Ivey makes the nut-flush with the Kc hits the river and scoops the biggest pot of his online career.

See the hand in full here


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