Doug "WCGRider" Polk's Five Biggest Pots

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Doug "WCGRider" Polk may have just narrowly missed out on his second WSOP gold bracelet in the $10k NLHE 6 handed event, but he still added over $400k to his ever burgeoning bankroll. Below we take a look back at the world's premier NLHE cash game specialist's five biggest ever online pots.

5. $323,707, 17th July 2013 vs Denoking

The first pot in our countdown comes from the huge $400/$800  6-max NLHE "MalACEsia" games which took place over the summer/autumn of 2013 (so called as the games were created around the presence of mega-rich businessman Paul "MalACEsia" Phua). The pot itself was as standard a cooler as they come for Swedish pro Denoking as his KK is defeated in an all-in pre-flop encounter against WCGRider's AA.

See the hand in full here

4. $336,347, 10th, July 2013 vs MalACEsia

Exactly one week prior to the previous hand and WCGRider is involved in another huge pot where a player has AA. This time, however, it is MalACEsia who wakes up with the game's best starting hand. It looks like a big pot is destined to go his way as the QJ2 rainbow flop hits WCG's A Q, but leaves him way behind his opponent with very few outs. After calling 1/2 pot bets on the flop and turn, WCG hits a lucky third Queen on the river and calls MalACEsia's $75.6k river bet to scoop this monster pot.

See the hand in full here

3. $382,827, 18th September 2014, vs Denoking

This pot took place during a nine hour heads-up match last September which resulted in a huge $736k win for WCGRider. Denoking certainly gets unlucky against WCG when he catches KK as this is the second pot on this list in which he is on the end of an AA vs KK cooler to WCGRider.

See the pot in full here

2. $466,999, 26th October 2013 vs Isildur1

Ironically both of WCGRider's biggest ever pots took place on a day he suffered his biggest ever online loss when he suffered a huge $1.2 million defeat at the hands of Viktor "Isildur1" Blom from a lengthy 4 table session at the $400/$800 NLHE limits. Prior to the big loss, however, WCGRider had taken $450k from Blom in an early morning session where he won his second biggest ever pot. WCGRider slow plays his pocket Aces, allowing Blom to fire out on all streets on an open ended straight draw. After missing his draw, Isildur1 goes for broke, firing $150k into a pot he has no other chance of winning. WCGRider makes the call and takes the pot.

See the hand in full here

1. $490,095, 26th October 2013 vs Isildur1

WCGRider's biggest pot came from his -$1.2m session vs Isildur1 and it was a bit of a cooler for the Swedish pro. Preflop Blom was a slight favourite with 10 10 against his opponent's AcKc, but the 10c 5c 2c was the perfect flop for WCGRider, not only giving him the nut-flush, but also giving Isildur1 top set. Isildur1 makes sure all the money goes in on the flop both protecting his hand and seeking value but finds himself well behind and he doesn't catch up.

See the hand in full here


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