Will Online High Stakes Ever Return to the U.S.?

It's now been well over four years that the infamous Black Friday hit the poker community across the globe; and it hit hard, changing the face of this widespread phenomenon forever. Day of April 11 2011 is the day that most, if not all active players from that period remember all to very well. And while it hurt everyone who played poker in any serious way, it was the players from the U.S. that suffered the most.

Without divulging any further on the well known facts of the past, one thing that is much more important is what future holds? Will we ever see American players back in action like during the pre-Black Friday period? Will players from the State ever be able to once again sit at the nosebleeds when they feel like it and play for six-figure pots?

Situation right now doesn't look too promising, as we all know. Apart from the regulated rooms in the U.S. in a few states, the selection is very limited. The regulations seems to be moving very slowly, so it is hard to say when, if ever, all or majority of the states will finally enter a compact, at least enabling players from the entire States to play against each other.

Player numbers and game selection at these regulated rooms are very poor, so if they wish to play online poker for real money, U.S. players have a few options available to them, Carbon Poker being one of the top choices in the mix.

Rooms like Carbon offer a viable alternative for players who can't or won't relocate for any reason. After all, relocating even for a new, well paid job is something that people often ponder for a long time; relocating just to be able to play poker is luxury that only a few can afford.

One good argument that can be made here is that if someone is not willing to relocate because of poker, they are probably not high stakes material anyway, but I think there is more to it than that. Even the high stakes need the poker economy to be sustainable and back in the day, the number of people taking shots and trying to see how they stack up against the best in the world was significantly higher. These are not people who will relocate for poker - they will move on to something else or play live when they get a chance, but will not change their way of life just to be able to play.

These people will also not go out of their way to get the money onto a site and that's one of the reasons why highest stakes action is not found on the U.S. facing rooms. That said, it still beats the alternative of not being able to play at all and while the situation may not be perfect, the U.S. facing sites still offer decent amount of action across most stakes. So while we will probably have to wait some more before we see players from the Land of Free at the $100/200+ tables, at least those most persistent have options that can help them to stay in shape!


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