Brian Hastings Accused of Multi-Accounting as "NoelHayes"

Picture courtesy: Assopoker

Brian Hastings has had a very succesful World Series of Poker so far by winning two bracelets already. However, at the same time, he has been accused by fellow poker pros of multi-accounting on PokerStars during the 2015 SCOOP.

The speculation started after poker player David Baker posted on his Twitter accusations, that Hastings had played in a SCOOP event using "NoelHayes" account on PokerStars.

It was an surprising allegation, since it is a known fact, that Hastings has played years under his "$tinger 88" account on PokerStars.

According to Baker, a "bunch of well-known pros" had informed him about it when he was playing in a same SCOOP final table with "NoelHayes".

Hastings has not commented the accusations in any way yet on Twitter or on 2+2 poker forum (where he is known as "Stinger88"), so all appears to be speculation at this point.


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