Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan dominates Omaha PL $200/400

Gus Hansen lost close to $1,2 million for a couple of days ago but after that he has totally been dominating the tables and it seems like this big loss is now very close to be repaired. Yesterday he won $376k on the Omaha PL sessions we monitored on Full Tilt Poker, here are the two largest hands:

 Gus Hansen wins a nice hand against Brian Hastings, $96k pot
 Gus Hansen wins a nice hand with a pair of aces, $121k pot

Tom Dwan, knowed as durrrr online has also been playing quite much the last days and yesterday he also hit some huge sessions on Omaha PL $200/400, he won $244k on the sessions we monitored:

 durrrr wins a nice hand against ICallSoWhat after hitting a perfect turn, $173k pot

To watch the complete results from yesterdays Omaha PL sessions on Full Tilt Poker, just click on the link below.

 Yesterdays Omaha PL results

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