A sick session with alot of flips on the Antonius $200/400 PLO table

We monitored a very funny session yesterday with players like SteveSung, LoLiNa, Patrik Antonius, Gus Hansen, Pr1nnyraid and John Juanda. They were flipping $20k each and the lucky winners from this session was LoLiNa (+$90k) and John Juhanda (+$280k)

 LoLiNa wins a very nice flip after hitting a king high straight on the river, $100k pot
 John Juanda won the first flip against OMGClayAiken and SteveSung, $60k pot
 John Juanda wins another flip after a nice flop, $60k pot

John Juanda is currently the largest winner on Full Tilt Poker today, SteveSung is unfortually down alot.

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