Yoghii Wins Huge at Limit Hold'em

It's not often that the biggest highstakes winner comes from the Fixed Limit Hold'em tables, and its even less often that a Limit Hold'em player bags a win of $368k in a day. Yesterday, however, LHE specialist Yoghii did just that, winning $367.8k from just over 1,500 hands.

Yoghii got off to a good start to the day, winning $33k from a breakfast time $500/$1000 game where he played against JesusLebtNOT, Debilne_Ucho, Krafty_It, nimzon, and jama-dharma before enjoying a couple of small wins at the $100/$200 tables on the lead up to lunchtime.

Yoghii's biggest win, however, came from a six hour session at $1k/$2k table Artica which started soon after his first game of the day and ran through to mid-afternoon. In 738 hands, Yoghii won $218.8k. Although several players joined the game at one time or another, the majority of the match was played heads-up with JesusLebtNOT, who ended his time at the table down $219k.

Yoghii's other big win came at the $1k/$2k FLHE tables. He won $99.4k from 93 hands at table Eurydome, a table which opened during the last 50 minutes of the big session at table Artica, and featured the likes of Trueteller, Debline_Ucho, St1ckman, and Krafty_It.

There were no other big winners yesterday, with Trueteller the day's second biggest winner with a $45.6k profit, and Debline_Ucho in third with a $41.3k score.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Yoghii +$367.8k

Trueteller +$45.6k

Debline_Ucho +$41.3k

flong78 +$16.8k

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