Another Big Limit Hold'em Win for Yoghii

After his huge $360k win on Friday, Limit Hold'em specialist, Yoghii, put in another six-figure day yesterday, earning $100.4k from just over 3 hours play.

Yoghii actually lost at three of the five tables he played at yesterday, but these were only small losses from short sessions at the $100/$200 tables. All his profit came from longer sessions at the far more valuable $1k/$2k tables.

His biggest win came from a 2 hour session at tabel Aruna between 10am - midday where he won $83.2k from 303 hands played against the likes of JesusLebtNOT, nimzon, Krafty_It, jama-dharma, Trueteller, and Debilne_Ucho. The remainder of his profit came from a 1hr 10min session at table Hatshepsut where he won a further $22.6k.

Yoghii wasn't actually the biggest winner at table Aruna, jama-dharma won $90k at the table, ending the day up $88.4k.

The third biggest winner of the day came from the $100/$200 PLO tables where Ravenswood13 won $79.2k from a total of 6 hours play across the afternoon and early evening playing against the likes of Ben86, refaelamit, Lrslzk, JayP-AA, Jeans89, Deldar182, bodomas, BROCKLESNARR, and Theo J.

The biggest pot of the day also came from these PLO sessions and was taken down by Jens "Jeans89" Kyllonen:

With top pair vs a flush, straight draw, and overcard on the flop Jeans89 is ahead but still a 2:1 underdog to bodomas. However, running 10's on the turn and river give Jeans a full house and this $62.5k pot

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Yoghii +$100.4k

jama-dharma +$88.9k

Ravenswood13 +$79.2k

refaelamit +$68.1k

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refaelamit +$




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