WithColor Wins $247k at $100/$200 PLO

Yesterday's only big winner came from some short-handed morning sessions at the $100/$200 PLO tables, where"WithColor" won $247.4k from 1,299 hands.

WithColor played from just after midnight until 9.23am yesterday morning at a total of seven tables playing alongside JayP-AA and Phil "RaiseOnce" Ivey, with the likes of Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser, Trueteller, and BERRI SWEET joining later in the session.

WithColor's biggest win came from a 4hr 40min session at table Havnia where he won $169.4k, nearly all of which came from him taking down the biggest pot of the day:

Huge 3-way all-in as both WithColor and RaiseOnce turn the nut-straight, while JayP-AA has two pairs and the club nut-flush draw. WithColor  also has the spade nut-flush draw which completes on the river, handing him 100% of this $271.6k pot

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JayP-AA also ended the morning sessions with a six-figure profit of around $140k. However, he didn't fare so well in the afternoon PLO games, ending the day with a $39.4k profit. Phil "RaiseOnce" Ivey was the biggest loser, dropping a little over $200k in the morning games. However, he has played well so far today and is up $166k so far, mainly in the 2-7 TD games.

Isildur1 also let a six-figure lead for the day slip. He was up $152k for much of the day after a decent win over cumincon at the PLO tables, and an FLO8 win over Sauce123. However, he lost his way in the evening PLO games mainly against JayP-AA, although he still ended the day with a profit.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

WithColor +$247.4k

BenyamineX +$54.5k


jakedamus85 +$41.9k

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