Rupert Elder breaks Twitch record with $124K score

‘ElRupert’ posing for his champion’s photo after taking down EPT San Remo back in 2011 for €930,000

He may have been ill to the point that he was coughing and spluttering more than he was raising and calling, but British EPT San Remo champion of 2011 Rupert Elder fought through the pain in the early hours of this morning to take down last night’s massive Million Dollar Sunday event on Black Chip Poker.

Elder, who boasts just shy of $2 million in live career cashes and a boat load more from his online exploits, streamed live on Twitch for a total of 17 hours before eventually agreeing a deal that would see him pocket at least $104,000.

That alone would’ve been enough to break Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier’s previous record cash while streaming ($74,000), but not satisfied with that feat alone Elder cut down the remaining competition to win the event outright for a further $20,000.

Amazingly for a final table as large as this, his channel failed to generate over 1,000 viewers even during the event’s climax, which goes to show just how under rated he is as a streaming entity.

His good friend Jason Mo recently revealed during his controversial appearance on Joe ‘Chicago Joey’ Ingram’s podcast that Elder makes a modest $2.50 an hour for his streaming efforts – poker profits aside obviously – and when asked about this fact on last night’s stream he answered honestly with a grin: “I don’t care I just like the interaction aspect of it all.”

Though it’s unlikely he’ll be back in action in any World Championship of Poker (WCOOP) events today after that gruelling marathon, if you enjoy watching high level, multi-table tournament poker action, he’ll no doubt be back streaming high stakes events under his PokerStars alias ‘ElRupert’ again later on in the week.

For now, congratulations on the score to Elder from everyone here at HighStakesDB, we hope to see your presence on the increasingly popular Twitch platform reach heights deserved of your admirable endeavours.



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