Peter W Jepsen wins a $499k pot on NL $500/1000

We have not seen so much action from Peter W Jepsen these last months but tonight he was back in business. And what can we say, he gave us one sick show, that's for sure. He actually started out pretty rough and lost about $200k but then he worked himself up:

 Peter W Jepsen hits a very nice flop with his pair of nines, $264k pot
 Peter W Jepsen hits a perfect flop against Phil Ivey, $333k pot
After a while he lost a huuuuuge hand against durrrr, this hand was actually a $474k pot, the second largest hand ever and alot of people probably thought this would scare Peter but he just continued to play very aggresive and after a while he hit an even larger hand which has to be considered to be the largest online poker hand ever:

 Peter W Jepsen wins the largest hand ever against durrrr, $499k pot

Peter finally left the sessions with a $600k stack and a total profit of +$346k. When he left the table he also started a Triva for all the railbirds where the first to answer a question won some money. Did we tell you that the name of this table is Railheaven!?

We talked to Peter directly after this session and he was very satisfied with his game and he promised us that he will give us some more insane sessions in the future, so, keep your eyes open!

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