Phil Ivey Granted Court Appeal Against Crockfords in $12m Lawsuit

Phil Ivey and his edge sorting compadre Chen Yin Sun during 2014's court case against Crockfords. The pair may yet have a successful day in court.

It's been over a year since Phil Ivey set the wheels in motion to appeal the decision made in a British court that Ivey was not due the £7.8m ($12m) which London casino, Crockfords, witheld from him after he used an "edge sorting" technique to win the huge sum at punto banco back in August 2012. It seems now that Ivey has a real prospect of overturning that decision as, according to The Mail on Sunday, Ivey, "has now been granted permission to appeal after a udge ruled that his case raises an importnat question of law."

The judge also added that Ivey had "a real prospect of success".

Speaking to the popular English newspaper Ivey said, "This is really great news. I am getting a second shot and I'm hoping we will win this time around. It is not in my nature to cheat, which is why I was so bitterly disappointed by the udge's decision a year ago, even though he said I was a truthful witness."

The "edge sorting" technique involves taking advantage of a slight manufacturing flaw in the markings on certain decks of cards to identify their value and hence shift the odds in the favour of the player. Ivey has argued all along that he cannot be considered a cheat as at no point had he, or his playing partner Cheng Yin Sun, touched the cards. Also, the casino readily agreed to all his conditions while playing  which included using the same deck of cards day after day and allowing certain cards to be turned around during play (making them easier to be identified).

According to Ivey, "When you are a professional gambler you are always looking for ways to gain an advantage over the casino. It's their job to prevent me from having any aadvantage. Sometimes I come out on top, sometimes they do."


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