Tony G denied chance to run for Lithuanian parliament

was all smiles in 2014, but Tony G has hit some troubled waters with his career in politics this year

Despite famously being elected to represent his home nation Lithuania in European Parliament last year, former poker pro Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga has had his recent bid to run for a seat in the Lithuanian government itself turned down.

According to a report from the Lithuania Tribune, the reason behind the bid’s failure is Guoga’s Australian citizenship – he moved to Melbourne from birth place Lithuania aged just 11.

Much to his disgust, in order to become eligible for a Seimas election, Guoga would first need to submit proof that he has officially forfeited this foreign citizenship.

We will not build a greater Lithuania and we will not bring Lithuanians back from around the world if we don’t adapt our legal system to today’s realities”, stated the man who won over $3.6 million in an impressive tournament poker career.

“Dual citizenship is no obstacle to representing Lithuania in European Parliament, to being a minister or even prime minister. Why should it be an obstacle to becoming a member of the Seimas?”

In what turned out to be an incredible year for him in 2014, Guoga also married wife and fashion model Aistė Šlapokaitė in their beloved Lithuanian city, Vilnius.


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