slaktarn won the $25K PLO Event after victory against Antonius

slaktarn won the $25k Omaha Pot Limit event on Full Tilt Poker yesterday. After wins against players like Ozzy87, tibster24, onceuponastar, SteveSung, Ugadabugada in the earlier matches he was then up against Patrik Antonius in the final match. The semi-final against Ubugaguada was over very quick since slaktarn won this match on the first hand:

 slaktarn wins the semi-final after a very interesting hand against Ugadabugada

The match against Patrik Antonius was a little longer and  slaktarn won alot of small pots and then finished with this hand:

 Slaktarn flopped the top set and busted a pair of aces from Antonius and wins $560k

slaktarn has now won $1,9 million on Omaha Pot Limit cash games so far this year and now he can also add this nice victory on his profit. It's great to see a Swede high up on the leaderboards again. Let's hope that he will continue to give us great action this year.
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