Benyamine up ~$3 million, Omaha PL

A couple of days ago David totally dominated the Omaha tables and won about $350k on 7 sessions and yesterday it was time again, he played 4 sessions and won $348k

Mostly of this money was won in a 227min $200/400 session against players like Eli Elezra, cmynuts and baccina.

David Benyamine vs Eli Elezra, $133k pot
David Benyamine with a new stack over $300k, $57k pot

After this session we just had to check the yearly stats for Benyamine, and i added these accounts together: (Omaha HI PL, $50/100 to $200/400)

ballsrider: +$1 513 943 (124 sessions)
magicpitch1: +$682 215 (112 sessions)
David Benyamine: +$674 542 (48 sessions)
davidbenyamine1: +$53 671 (4 sessions)

Total: +$2 924 371 (288 sessions)


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