Antonio Esfandiari Donates Entire $50k "Lunge" Prop Bet to Charity

Bill Perkins $50k went straight from his pocket, via a brief stop with Antonio Esfandiari, to two worthy charities

Antonio Esfandiari has donated the entire $50,000 he won from his multi-millionaire buddy, Bill Perkins, to charity as recompence for his disqualification from the PCA Main Event after he urinated in a container under the table during a break from play.

At the time, Esfandiari explained his indiscretion by saying that due to the prop-bet, which involved him having to "lunge" everywhere for 48 hours, his legs were in incredible pain, and the thought of "lunging" to the rest-room and back was too much to bear, so he decided to "relieve" himself at the table.

Having had time to reflect on his actions, Esfandiari has released a very apologetic statement in which he not only condemns his behaviour, but also that he intends to give the entire $50,000 he won from Perkins to charity, with $25k going to the One Drop foundation and the other $25k going to REG.

The entire statement, taken from the Pokerstars blog can be seen below:

It makes me quite sad to write this. All the things you have heard are all true. I can sit here and try to explain and justify but at the end of the day my actions were completely unacceptable. What's done is done. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and grow from them. I have apologized to anyone and everyone who may have been affected and will continue to do so.

This happened because of a big prop bet I had with my buddy, Bill Perkins, that mandated I lunge everywhere for two days. I cannot explain the pain I felt in my legs. I did what I thought was the best play at the time. Looking back now I realize it was a terrible judgment call on my behalf. I am a new father now, and this is not the kind of example I want to set for my son.

I am embarrassed of the actions I took to win that bet. On paper I won, but in life I lost. No matter how much one loves a prop bet there is a limit to how far you should go, and in this case I failed.

Getting disqualified from the tournament is not something I contest. I believe PokerStars made the right call. I would do the same in their position. Knowing that I let people down is what hurts. Sometimes we as humans get caught up in the moment. I let this bet get the best of me.

I won the prop bet and $50,000, but I lost my way. It was a grueling two days, both emotionally and physically, but that is no excuse.

I have been mulling over how to have some good come from this sorry situation and to this end I have decided to donate the entire amount to charity.

$25,000 is going to One Drop, which provides drinking water to impoverished nations, and the other $25,000 to REG, a charity dedicated to reducing suffering in the world. Both are amazing organizations that I am passionate about. I believe in balance, and my life would not be in balance if I kept this money for myself.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Lesson learned.

Antonio Esfandiari


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