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 Maciej was interviewed by Gordon, CEO of

In the past weeks, Bestpokercoaching has provided us with a series of interviews with the people behind the popular coaching service, and some of its students. Today they bring you a new interview, made by Gordon the CEO,  who's sat down and talked to Maciej, or »Nubson«, as he is known in the BPC community.  Maciej explains how his coaching at changed his life, talks about the future of online poker, and his upcoming wedding with his fiancee, to whom he proposed at the BPC's poker seminar in Dubrovnik Croatia (for those interested in how a poker seminar looks like, you can find out more here.)

Hi, Maciej. Welcome, how are you?

Hi, I'm all right, thanks.

So, tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you, what is your background?

I'm 28 years old, living in Legnica, Poland.  For the last 3 years I have been a professional online poker player.

I have seen in your blogs, that you play a guitar, and drive a quadbike? Does that help release the tension after the sesions? ;)

Oh yeah, since poker is no longer just my hobby, but became my full-time job, I had to find new hobbies. Playing the guitar does not require much time, there is a lot of guitar backtracks, lessons on the internet. It's really an awesome feeling when after weeks of training you are finally able to play favorite song from start to finish, even if it's a simplified version from youtube. Of course, playing the guitar is still not a very active kind of hobby. So usually after 2-3 months or playing I make a 3-4 days break away from the computer. On those days I spend my time doing something very physically active, like hours of riding through the woods on a quadbike, for example.

How did you get started in poker?

During my second year of my IT studies I saw that some poker site offered 10-man freeroll  SNGs with 10 cents prizepools. I grinded those for hours, building my bankroll to about $20. Then I got some non-deposit bonus for FTP and I switched to cash games.

Why did you decide to join BPC coaching for profits, and not get hourly coaching from some other coach?

I had many hours of private coachings with really successful coaches. But I have simply found out that my problem with being stuck on the microstakes was not a strategy-related problem, or laziness. I needed someone who would guide me, check out my game daily, if nessesary . At that time I was really desperate, I would gladly sell my soul to the devil to get out of those games playing for cents.

What was your progress like, in the program? You had some ups and downs, right?

Yes, my whole HU graph is pretty swingy and all over the place. It looks like it's just my style of playing. I started the program really well, and in just a few weeks my bankroll was up to 10k EUR. May was my first 10k month.  Unfortunately a 100k hands slightly losing streak hit me around september, so for around 2,5 months I was pretty much without any winnings at the tables. Well, nobody said it's going to be easy. November was my second 10k month, I was playing a lot and running good as well. I had another 10k month in December as well. You can see my two december graphs below:

What was the lowest or the hardest point during the program?

The funniest part was at the beginning of the BPC program. I felt like a gangster -  printing money, it was so easy and I made so much more, comparing to my pre-BPC winnings. The hardest point was during september - other BPC students from my group where making 10-14k per month,  beating really tough opponents, and all I was doing was dropping down in stakes.

And how did you get out of it?

I knew that I am a winning player and that I am on the right way to success.  Downswings, badbeats, coolers, and also my own mistakes are just a part of the game and I have to keep moving forward.

You also started coaching at BPC, how do you like that?

I really love it. Its really nice to meet people from all over the world. Many of them are really hard-working guys and it's just a matter of time before they become great players, its really nice to be a part of it.

What do you think are the biggest mistakes people are making in poker? What is it, that prevents them from doing what you achieved?

Listening to the wrong people, and blaming others for your own mistakes.

You have recently finished the CFP program, with your record day. What is your overall impression of the program?

What can I say, it's a life-changer.

What is your opinion on the future of poker, and HU poker in particular. Many people are worried that HU is dying. Do you also feel that way?

Im very optimistic about it. I believe online poker is similar to other online games. And this market is growing fast. There are a lot of tournaments with thousands of dollars in prizepools. Poker channels on Youtube and Twitch get bigger and bigger audiences every month. Famous poker players are moving to other online games, other gamers are moving into poker. This all brings attention of new players. Of course, nowadays it seems like pokersites are going in a different direction, but it has to change, it's just a matter of time.

What are your plans now for your poker career? Do you plan to stay in HU, try out other things, maybe other fields?

I'm going to stay with HU. I also want to play more live games, I didnt play much live yet.

We also know that you got engaged during the summer, in fact during the trip to the BPC seminar in Croatia. How are plans progressing on that front? :)

Yes! I pushed all-in, and she called! :) Soon we will know the exact date. I'm very excited, I will put a lot of effort to make sure that my wedding party will be the best party of my life.

Congratz! And good luck in your future career. Thanks for taking the timne to talk to us.

No problem, thanks for having me.

Maciej has also made a video review of BPC's Coaching For Profits program, which you can see below:


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