Educa-p0ker Takes wilhasha for $214k After Big NLHE Match

There has been some decent heads-up action at PokerStars $100/$200 NLHE tables of late, mainly due to the antics of Swedish NLHE specialist, wilhasha. Once again he was at the centre of the action yesterday, although he ended up on the wrong end of a big session, dropping over $200k to Educa-p0ker.

The pair played from around 9am through to 4:44pm For the first hour, honours were pretty much even, but for the following five hours Educa-p0ker ran over wilhasha, reaching a high point of +$391k shortly after 3pm, before wilhasha made a good comeback during the final 90 minutes of play to peg Educa-p0ker back to an end of day score of +$213.8k after a huge 4,160 hands.

This match produced the day's three six-figure pots:

Nobody likes having Aces cracked but unfortunately for Educa-p0ker wilhasha flops a flush and ends up taking this $111.5k pot

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Great hero call from Educa-p0ker on the river with just Ace high to take this $110.9k pot

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Nice river for wilhasha as he makes a runner-runner flush and gets paid off by Educa-p0ker who had been ahead up to that point with his flopped top pair - $101.4k pot

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There were no other six-figure winners from yesterday's high stakes games. The second biggest winner was Kyle "KPR16" Ray, who managed a $40.5k win from the $100/$200 and $200/$400 FLHE tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Educa-p0ker +$213.8k

KPR16 +$40.5k

ChaoRen160 +$27.7k

St1ckman +$22.8k

For all the biggest highstakes action over the past 48 hours, check out our live results section.


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