durrrr wins $818k after a huge session on Railheaven $500/1000

durrrr totally dominated yesterday's session on the $500/1000 table Railheaven on Full Tilt Poker. He won against players like patatino, trex313 and good2cu. Here are the three largest hands:

 durrrr hits top two pair on the flop and wins a huge hand against luvtheWNBA, $246k pot
 durrrr hits a perfect turn and wins his second largest hand ever, $474k pot
 durrrr wins another huge hand with AJ, this time against good2cu, $327k pot

durrrr was pretty much the only player who actually won in this session except OMGClayAiken who did very well but he joined the session after midnight so his result will be on tomorrows list.

 Yesterday's complete results on Hold'em NL

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