Sauce123 & Isildur1 Post $200k Wins on Big Day of Action

Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky extended his lead at the top of this months highstakes online leaderboard after his +$200k 8-Game win at PokerStars yesterday

Yesterday was the biggest day of online highstakes action we've seen at PokerStars for some time, with four players posting profits in excess of $100k. No doubt this increase in action had something to do with the remerging bankroll of Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, who, along with Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky, was one of the biggest winners of the day.

The biggest winner was Sauce123 who posted a $205.4k win, a day after he suffered a $90k loss, with Isildur1 not far behind him with a total profit of $198.5k, taking his two day profit up to $329k.

Sauce made all of his proift fr the $1k/$2k 8-game tables, profiting at each of the six table sessions he played across the day. Sauce played for six hours yesterday and came up against the likes of Isildur1, Timofey "Trueteller" Kuznetsov, Mikael "ChaoRen160" Thuritz, Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion, Rafi "refaelamit" Amit,  and Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn. Sauce did consistently well for his first three hours at the tables, going up approximately $170k, before hitting a $130k downswing over the next couple of hours. A big spike during his final hours at the table, though, gave the online legend his biggest win for some time.

During his time at the table, Sauce also won the biggest pot of the day:

Rafi Amit is a little unlucky that Sauce123 manages to win both runs of this $123.4k pot

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Isildur1 also made good at the 8-Game tables, although the majority of his profit came from an hour's heads-up play yesterday evening against BERRI SWEET at the $100/$200 PLO tables where he won $127k across four tables, He also won $73k at the 8-Game tables, although this was a rather more drawn out and fluctuating affair. In total, Isildur1 played at the 8-Game tables for 11 long hours, graduating from heads-up against joiso at $400/$800 to 6max at $1k/$2k, swinging from +$200k down to just +$13k, and eventually back up to +$73k before he took an hour's break prior to his successful PLO game.

Isildur1's biggest pot of the day came from the PLO round of the 8-Game mix:

Isildur1 turns the nut flush and is able to extract value from every street to win this $107.8k pot

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Trueteller took third on yesterday's highstakes leaderboard with a $125k win, with $120k coming from the $1k/$2k games. He put in close to 1k hands over 8 hours, winning the other $5k at $50/$100 NLHE.

The final six-figure winner from yesterday's games was ChaoRen160 who won $34k at the $400/$800 mixed-games before moving up to $1k/$2k where he added a further $77k for a total profit of $101.5k.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Sauce123 +$205.4k

Isildur1 +$198.5k

Trueteller +$125k

ChaoRen160 +$101.5k

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