Terken89 totally dominating $100/200

We actually missed the first part of this session so some hands will be added later today. But we talked to both other railbirds and Terken89 himself and he said that he had bought in for a total amount of $44k.

The session started with Terken89 vs luckexpress and here is where we are missing some hands, we joined the table when Terken89 had about $150k against luckexpress $12k and then luckexpress started to won some hands and actually had a larger stack, but this didn't scare Terken89 and he continued to play very nice poker:

AA vs KK, $94k pot
Terken89 showed alot of nice bluffs in this session!
Last hand with Luckexpress, nice call, $55k pot

When luckexpress walked away the finnish player guguguy joined the table and loosed $15k. After that Kris85 tried to beat him but he actually lost about $60k, and last out was tunaeatr which lost ~$20k:

Both players hit a nice flop, $37k pot
Tunaeatr trying to steal the pot, $28k pot

Terken89: +$237k (180 minuts, 680 hands)

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