Dan Bilzerian Wins $1.2m Cycling Prop Bet

According to the twittersphere, the playboy and high stakes poker player Dan Bilzerian has won his $1.2m prop-bet with hedge fund boss Bill Perkins and has managed the 328 miles cycle from LA to Las Vegas within the 48 hour time limit specified.

Although there has been on official announcement, plenty of Bilzerian's poker pals have been busy on twitter telling the world that he has completed the challenge:

One point of contention which arose during the challenge was Bilzerian cycling in the slipstream of a large white van. Perkins tweeted on the issue:

Sports betting master and occasional poker player Haralabos Voulgaris weighed in with:

Infamous ex of Paris Hilton, Rick Salomon was due to collect Bilzo's $250k G4 airplane in the event of the "King of Instagram"'s death (not that outrageous a possibility considering Bilzerian's previous four heart attacks!), but will leave the bet empty handed. It has also been alleged that Bilzerian is due to pick up another $1m in side-bets, as well as the $600k from Perkins.

At least Lance Armstrong's child cancer charity will benefit from the challenge, as Bilzerian has promised $25,000 of his winnings to the cause after Armstrong helped Bilzerian out with his training for the bet.


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