Dan Colman Joins Joe Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast

Joe "ChicagoJoey" Ingram is gradually working his way through the best of the best highstakes poker pros on his Poker Life Podcasts and once again he's pulled off a major coup - this time getting some screen time with the notoriously media-shy crusher, Dan "mrGR33N13" Colman.

Colman, a big time highstakes heads-up sit and go crusher who also happens to be the 4th biggest live tournament winner of all time with over $25m in cashes rubbed some of the poker community up the wrong way after refusing to be interviewed after his epic $15m victory in 2014's $1m entry Big One For One Drop. However, he was willing to give 2 hours to Joe, saying that he preferred the format of his podcasts where you can really get to know one another rather than a bog standard 5-10 minute interview.

During the podcast Colman tells how poker has taken a back seat for him over the last year or so and that the idea of playing a bunch of tournaments doesn't especially excite him. However, he will still be playing a handful of tournaments including the Main Event at the WSOP.

Colman explains his lack of willingness to be interviewed after his One Drop win saying that he didn't feel especially pumped after the win as he was already in a position that the money wouldn't make a particular difference to his life and that after enjoying the final table (and the heads-up match in particular) so much that he just felt a huge adrenaline dump when it ended which made him feel a little down. He also said he didn't want to have to hype up how great it felt and to sell the dream of winning millions of dollars at poker to other people when the reality is that most players lose.

Other interesting topics covered in the 'cast include a discussion about the upcoming Olivier Busquet vs JC Alvarado MMA match (Colman is big friends with Busquet and apparently has a ton of money on him winning), his thoughts on the GPL, and his opinion of Phil Hellmuth.

He also talks in some detail about Viktor Blom; he says that he's quite close to Viktor who he considers a great guy, but feels frustrated that some people take advantage of him and his gambling problem which has lead to Viktor being in a tough spot. He also claimed (in almost a carbon copy of what Ben Tollerene said on the podcast a few months ago) that if a new form of poker came out with new rules that he would guarantee that Viktor would beat anyone, such is his ability to figure out new games in a short space of time.

You can check out the podcast in full below:


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