Olivier Busquet annihilates JC Alvarado in $150K MMA bout

Olivier Busquet has triumphed in the octagon over JC Alvarado in the pair’s heavily anticipated Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) prop bet fight, which – after six months of waiting - finally took place last night in Las Vegas.

Busquet walked away with $150,000 in winnings and likely hundreds of thousands more from prop bets after scoring a Technical Knockout (TKO) on Alvardo in Round 3 of the bout.  

Just prior to the referee being asked to call an end to proceedings, Busquet had launched a series of vicious ground attacks which left Alvarado’s face dripping with blood. The aggressor was subsequently docked a point for landing some illegal blows to the back of his opponents’ head, but that proved of little relevance when one of Alvarado’s trainers threw in the towel in the break between rounds three and four.

Alvarado, who has been training in MMA for the last three years, was initially billed as the favourite despite Busquet’s weight advantage, and therefore put up $150K to Busquet’s $120K. Busquet came into the fight as a relative amateur without any legitimate training under his belt. The betting market also had Alvarado pegged as a slight favourite with a roughly 54% win ratio.

The general public however - at least where Daniel Negreanu’s 400,000 strong Twitter following is concerned - was not so convinced that Alvarado could overcome his weight disadvantage despite Busquet’s lack of experience:

Despite the live stream of the fight proving about as reliable as Howard Lederer, you can catch a ring side view of the action in the video below - courtesy of PokerNews’ Sarah Herring.


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