Hillary Clinton Flys Aboard Bilzerian Airways

Perhaps not the scene onboard Bilzerian's jet when in use by the Clinton entourage...

It would appear that Democrat US Presedential frontrunner Hillary Clinton might, as I write, be travelling along her campaign trail across the United States on a $5m private jet owned by none other than Playboy/poker player/gun love/King of Instagram (delete as appropriate), Dan Bilzerian.

"Campaign Planes" as they are known in the trade are leased from numerous sources across the country, and one of those happens to be the private property of one Mr Daniel Bilzerian.

We don't know if the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State is aware of Bilzo's reputation, or indeed what x-rated shenanigans have taken place on her latest sky-ride - she might want to check out Bilzerian's Instagram pictures to check out the myriad scantily clad beauties who tend to accompany the gun-toting, bearded multi-millionare on his jaunts across the country.

Accoring to entertainment news website tmz.com they matched the tail number on Clinton's campaign plane matches the one registered to Bilzerian's company, Goat Airways LLC and a charter company made a deal with Hillary's campaign org. to lease the plane.

All we hope is that he had the upholstery properly cleaned and polished before handing the controls over to Clinton's entourage!


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