French poker player standing trial for “crime of the century”

Arnaud Mimran accused of running €284M fraud scheme…

French ‘poker player’ Arnaud Mimran, the son of famous fashion mogul Joseph Mimran, stood trial in a Parisian court this week accused of orchestrating a fraudulent scheme that cost his national government some €284 million in taxes.

The scheme, which involved the trading of CO2 emission quotas and exploited a loophole in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, has been labelled the “crime of the century” by the French media.

Mimran and his gang of co-conspirators took advantage of the fact that cross-border trades between EU member states are exempt from VAT, despite them being taxable in France. This allowed them to set up shell companies and buy millions of euros worth of quotas outside of France before selling them on to French buyers with tax added.

On top of the accusations of fraud, Mimran, who became a known entity in the poker community after registering to the inaugural $1M buy-in Big One for One Drop event at the 2012 World Series of Poker (WSOP), is also suspected to have been involved in a string of murders – but police have thus far been unable to gather enough evidence to build a single solid case against him.

Victims in the attached cases include Mimran’s former father-in-law in billionaire hotel owner Claude Dray, his former business partner Sammy Souied, and the personal driver of Cyril Mouly (who had been the real target of the assassination attempt) in Albert Taïeb.

Mouly, who is also well-known in the poker community having appeared on Full Tilt’s Million Dollar Cash Game TV show in 2009, is the nephew of Souied – who is believed to have been the initial ring-leader of Mimran’s crime syndicate.

On the day of his death, Souied actually met with Mimran three times, and during their last meeting Mimran gave him a jewel-embossed skull ring as a parting gift. Just hours later, he was gruesomely gunned down by two mystery assailants on scooters in a drive-by shooting.



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