Phil Ivey wins $625k on PL $200/400

Phil Ivey have been playing three sick Omaha sessions the latest hours! Stats from these sessions:

1: $200/400, 133 min and 141 hands, +$222 375
2: $200/400, 200 min and 249 hands, +$356 492
3: $200/400, 179 min and 229 hands, +$95 080 

He then lost some smaller sessions but overall he won +$625k in just 653 hands!

He mostly won this money from Sbrugby, close to $250k and Sbrugby also had problems against other players so pretty much of his winning yesterday dissapeared. Shorty after the sessions he wrote in his blog that he now should go down to $25/50 for a while, you can read more about this by clicking here!

Back to Phil Ivey, he also won about $109k from KObyTAPOUT, $69k from cmynuts and he also robbed alot of other players on smaller amounts. 

Here is the largest hands from these amazing Phil Ivey sessions:

Runner runner full house against Sbrugby, $81k pot
Another big hand against Sbrugby, $116k pot
Phil Ivey flopped the nuts, $73k pot
Phil Ivey at one point reached a magical $400k stack, well done!

The only player who managed to avoid Phil Ivey today was David Benyamine, currenlty up about $171k



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