Isildur1 Up $200k Since Monday

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom is currently enjoying his 4th successive winning day at PokerStars mixed-game tables, and is currently up $86.6k today, and over $200k since Monday

Isildur1's good week started on Monday with a $57k win, after which he made $28k on Tuesday, a $24k win Wednesday, and a small $9k win yesterday. His biggest win, however, has come from this morning's games where he is up over $86k

This mornings games have taken place at the $200/$400 8-Game tables and have featured the likes of Fresh_oO_D, brights88, TiltedJack, St1ckman, RealAndyBeal, Crazy Elior, w00ki3z., gordo16, and SamRostan. Isildur1 continued his tables from late last night and played 6.5 hours this morning winning $55k and $33k at two of the three tables his played, making a very small loss at the other table he briefly patronised.

The biggest winner from yesterday's games was new player Beeeert who won $61.5k from 416 hands at the $50/$100 NLHE ring games where he played against the likes of Trueteller, antoha1998, KissMyAcePlz, CooL1992, Mogelwette. Beeeert won at all five tables at which he played, with the majority of his profit coming from a four hour evening session at table Modestia II where he won $47.6k from 263 hands played.

Second on yesterday's leaderboard was Mike "gordo16" Gorodinsky who won $41k from over 1k hands at the $200/$400 8-Game tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Beeeert +$61.5k

gordo16 +$41k

Crazy Elior +$20.1k

Lrslzk +$15.9k

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